Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dj Fresh - Make The Song Cry Part 2 [Free Download]

My personal favorite dj Dj Fresh just sent us his new tape of instrumental for free download, music player be up soon!


Friday, March 27, 2009

ShareThis Jongerius For Maharam x Nike Air Force 1

maharam-af1-sneakers-1 Jongerius For Maharam x Nike Air Force 1

The limited edition shoe was created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force sneaker and incorporates Hella Jongerius’ Layers, an embroidered textile designed by Jongerius for Maharam, the special edition Air Force sports shoe will be officially launched at an invitation only event at Moss on April 1st.


Nike Air Max 90 CT TZ & Air Max 90 Flywire TZ | Grid Pack

nike-air-max-90-current-tz-grid-pack-front Nike Air Max 90 CT TZ & Air Max 90 Flywire TZ | Grid Pack

Two interesting new Nike Tier Zero releases are coming up next month. The Grid Pack consists of the Air Max 90 CT TZ and the Air Max 90 Flywire TZ. Both come in very lightweight fabrics, a silver grid pattern on the upper and a hybrid sole. I can't wait for the Flywire joints personally.


10Deep Spring 2009 Collection


Today we can give you a detailed look at the first delivery of the 10Deep Spring 2009 Collection. 10Deep has been around for much longer than most other brands in the market and somehow they have managed to become widely known, without being over-exposed. It’s a difficult task that many others did not manage.

These past seasons are looking more and more solid and well balanced. Interesting cut-and-sew items are mixed with strong graphic t-shirts. The brand stays true to their roots, while staying relevant to current times and trends. Basics are not too basic to seem boring, something we see too often when trying to inject some simplicity into a line. That said the first delivery of their Spring 2009 Collection offers many key pieces.




10Deep Spring 2009 Collection | Delivery 1 Product

Vans Vault Fall 2009 Needle LX

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vans-vault-needle-lx-fall-2009-front Vans Vault Fall 2009 Needle LX

An interesting new model is coming with the Vans Vault Fall 2009 Collection - the Needle LX. The very minimalist silhouette comes in several premium leathers and color patterns next season. We like the play of the tonal upper with a different color of the laces and contrasting lining. It looks like it can be a nice everyday sneaker, but for sure we will only know once we have seen it live later this year.

On a personal note I'm not going to judge but you wont see these on dee's feet but you my friends are encouraged to enjoi and you know who I'm talkin' too.


Superblast x Converse Laces Campaign

Converse Laces Viral from artschoolvets on Vimeo.

Converse recently worked together with artist Superblast, who got the opportunity to paint over a large scale ad of the sneaker company, in Berlin. Part of the Converse Laces campaign, the artist did not only add his personal touch to the campaign posters, he also customized lots of Converse sneakers in the Converse store in Berlin Mitte.

The good people over @ Artschoolvets documented the performance and produced a small viral video of the artist in action. Definitely worth checking out and even better if you can manage to see it live in Berlin.


Maiden Noir Spring 2009 Collection

Maiden Noir Spring 2009 Collection

The Maiden Noir Spring 2009 Collection has made it into stores. The Seattle based brand sticks to its look and presents a line consisting of t-shirts, denim, hoodies, jackets and some knitwear. The t-shirts feature strong graphics, not using a lot of color and the cut-and-sew is as solid as ever - pieces for every day that you just cannot go wrong with.






Nike Sportswear Spring 2009 M-65 Packable Jacket

nike-sportswear-packable-m65-jacket-front Nike Sportswear Spring 2009 M-65 Packable Jacket

The Nike Sportswear M-65 jacket returns this season and is this time packable. It comes in three colorways and with the same techincal details that we have previously seen on it. The jacket is beathable, waterproof and super light, perfect for the Spring weather. Available @


Walrus TV Presents Hera, Fine aint she.......

Shout's to upperplayground


My man, "Phil Lumbang"

Phil Lumbang is based in Los Angeles. He got his start interning with Shephard Fairey, and has since developed into a print maker. Look out for his first solo print show "Mathematics".
Thanks to

3rd Works @ D-Structure SF

curated mag - 3rd Works at D-Structure SF

On April 3, 2009, D-Structure SF presents 3rd Works, new material for Bay Area designer Ray “Three” Robinson. The show is Robinson’s first solo exhibition and will include acrylicts on canvas, plexi glass and metal. Robinson will also preview a new toy prototype.


Supreme X Nike SB vol.11 coming soon..

With the upcoming release of the new issue of Shoes Master Volume 11, we get a first look at the soon to be released new Supreme x Nike SB collaboration sneaker. On the cover the sneaker is pictured in red with gold Swoosh. Usually we would think they would be coming out with several colorways, but for more info on this release you still have to wait.


Trek District: The Ultimate Bike for $929?

While going “green” isn’t always easy, a great way to reduce your carbon footprint is by riding a bicycle instead of driving. Sounds simple, but if you live in a major city, you really have no excuse not to get a bike. So what kind? The ballyhooed fixed-gear movement has become trendy recently, but consider fixed-gears the allover prints of the bicycle world. It makes better sense to invest in something like the all-new Trek District bike, which hits stores in the first week of April.
It's a thing of beauty, but looks aside, what makes it special is that it’s Trek’s first single-speed, belt-drive (i.e. no chain) bicycle. The District has specs and parts to satisfy bicycle enthusiasts while being user-friendly enough that your mom would have no trouble riding it. Uh, pause. Every aspect of the District has been well thought-out and executed with careful attention to detail. At $929, it may cost a grip, but think of it as a lifetime investment'as long as it doesn’t get jacked.
These are the "features" or reasons trek feels you should buy this bike.....
* The belt drive (also used by motorcycles and snowmobiles) is a carbon fiber composite belt reinforced to prevent stretch.
* No bike chain means: no lube, no maintenance, no noise, no worries.
* The District comes equipped with Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires and alloy rims.


Nike Air Yeezy Release Info & Price Confirmation ($215)

Big news for those of you who’ve been stressing out about landing a pair of the Yeezy’s when they come out on April 4th—you might actually be able to get them. At Kanye’s request (he’s really nice), in an attempt to give more people the opportunity to rock his space-shoes, more stores than expected will be shelving the sneakers. In NYC, in addition to the 21 Mercer store, The House Of Hoops in Harlem, and both the 34th street locations of Foot Locker and Footaction will now be getting the Yeezy. **Also, we just got confirmation that the sneakers will retail for $215.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charlie Murphy's Crash Comedy: Charlie & Lil Wayne

'93 TILL...

Its 2009 and everybody in street fashion seems to still wanna bring '88 back. I'm not mad
at that at all(check the Memebrs Only jacket & Shell Toes in the closet). But best believe in the near future we will see the re-emergence of 90's style trends. Keep an eye out and soon you will see the Who's Who rockin' Starter hats, Parkas, Timberlands, Ben Davis and inevitably...Cross Colours. Check out this Jem from the Ben Select closet.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

UNDR-CRWN Presents: The Mos Def Collection


undr-crwn-mos-def-collection-1 UNDR-CRWN Presents: The Mos Def Collection

UNDR-CRWN got together with one of hip hop’s biggest artists and these days actor and television host, Mos Def, to create a capsule collection. Designed by Dustin Canalin for UNDR-CRWN, the collection mainly consists of t-shirts, as well as a few cut-and-sew pieces. There will be another delivery of the collection, that we can hopefully present you very soon.





Kanye West To Launch Denim Label

kanye-denim-label-religion Kanye West To Launch Denim Label

According to UK’s Mirror, Kanye West met up with denim brand Religion to talk about his upcoming denim label. At this point we are not sure whether that just concerns the denim for his upcoming Pastelle label, if it is a Religion collaboration or a brand by itself. Judging by the sound of the Mirror’s article, it seems like it will be a brand by itself. Kanye has definitely been wearing lots of denim and denim jackets lately, so this does not come entirely as a surprise.


Nike Fresh Water Pack / Air Griffey Max One & Air Max 95

nike-freshwater-pack Nike Fresh Water Pack | Air Griffey Max One & Air Max 95

The Nike Fresh Water Pack has started landing at retailers. The pack consists of the Air Griffey Max One and the Nike Air Max 95. Both feature turquoise accents on black/grey uppers. The pack is now available @ Proper in Long Beach. If your down in Socal. stop by there to pick these up.


Nike Dunk High SB “Gucci” Returns In 2009.....Straight Heat

nike-sb-dunk-high-gucci-2009 Nike Dunk High SB Gucci Returns In 2009

This Nike Dunk High SB was originally released in extremely limited quantities in 2006, because the actual release at the time was cancelled, we will see a return of the shoe in 2009. Girl Skateboards had designed the shoe in 2006, which came in black denim and of course the infamous Gucci colors. Then some issue inside the Crailtap crew came up and the project was cancelled and only 30 sneaker had been produced.

Bob Burnquist x Nestle in San Jose for new "Aero Ad"




Nissan Kickflip A.K.A The best commercial ever...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Swagger Mag Vol. 1

Japanese brand Swagger presents the first issue of their new Swagger Mag, a magazine that does not only evolve around their brand, but mainly around their lifestyle. The magazine features Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, Muro, Dexpistols and many other great people from the music industry. Furthermore they present their upcoming collaboration t-shirt with Rockers NYC and their designers Sean and Marcus.
Swagger Mag Issue 1 will be released on March 18th.

Alife x Nike Air Force 1 Release | Sneaker & T-Shirt

This coming Saturday, March 14th, Alife will be releasing their much anticipated collaboration with Nike on the Air Force 1. The sneaker will be accompanied by a t-shirt. The release takes place at noon at the A.R.C. Sports Store at 157 Rivington Street.

Nike SFB Boots....Work hard in style

Four years ago, Nike’s Innovation Kitchen was given a new mission: Develop a 21st century boot to meet the needs of this century’s first-response teams and high-speed operators – aka elite level athletes in need of elite level performance innovation.

The SFB represents Nike’s continued pursuit of delivering the most technically innovative and lightweight product to meet the needs of athletes the world over.

The SFB, perfect for warm weather conditions, is the lightest, fastest drying, natural motion boot on the planet. It features a Natural Motion Cushioning unit that helps allows for optimal support and speed during heel to toe transfer, translated the boot is made to move and form with the foot’s natural motion allowing for quick flexible movement in any direction while drastically reducing the weight of conventional boots.

Offering unparalleled traction, the SFB’s outsole is fitted with a directional traction heel sole that utilizes reverse tread bars and a slightly raised heel for better traction going downhill, while the Sticky Rubber forefoot lugs were strategically placed to allow exceptional agility and traction in any terrain. Upping the ante on protection, the SFB’s mid-sole comes equipped with puncture and laceration resistant thermoplastic forefoot shield and genuine leather with Kevlar sheath, both placed in the sole of the SFB allowing the boot to form to the foot of its wearer while offering protection from jagged rocky terrain.

Highly protective while light and flexible, the SFB’s upper is comprised of a polyester woven shell wrapped in synthetic leather overlays which offers no “break-in” time associated with most other boots and drastically increased the quick drying properties via the polyester/synthetic leather blend. The no “break-in” properties alone make the SFB a natural choice for serious outdoors athletes and weekend warriors alike. Tying it all together, a Speed Lacing System made of 550 cord run through metal speed-lacing eyelets keep the foot securely locked down to the Natural Motion Cushioning unit while also making the SFB easy to get in or out of. Simply put, this boot was built for comfort, speed, agility, and it was built to last.

Manik x Sub Pop Records bring the heat...

Manik gets together with Seattle record label Sub Pop, which is responsible for bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and others. They collaborated on a series of t-shirts and of course also some skateboard decks. The four t-shirts and give skateboard decks are now available at Goods.

Undefeated x Masterpiece T-Shirts

It looks like Undefeated and Masterpiece did not only get together for the training suits, but also on a couple of t-shirts. They offer two different designs, each coming in several colorways. Undefeated Chapter Stores in the US and the official online store will be releasing the t-shirts on March 14th.

Triumvir x USC CASA | Unforgettable - A Shanghai Story

Dimming the lights to present a more intimate and contributive project, Triumvir brings forth a collaboration with the University of Southern California’s Chinese American Student Association (CASA) for their upcoming Culture Show. A project that will be a joint effort in support of their upcoming musical, Unforgettable which premiered on March 7th for one night only.
Hidden by the glitz and glamour of Shanghai during the mid 1930’s, the plot mirrors the turmoil, moral corruption and emotions caused by the brink of the 2nd Sino Japanese War. 
The collaboration will include 2 limited edition t-shirts, with design concepts that were derived from The Flying Tigers; the first American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force, as well as The Father of Modern China and political leader; Sun Yat-Sen.

Lance just doesn't stop.....

This is for my people's who're down with the whole cycling thing, as previously stated I'm not down with Mr. Armstrong for personal reasons, but once again these bikes from an artist perspective are clean. That's why I feel he's just tryin to cool by calling together some of todays most recognized artists to create custom designs for his Trek Madone roadbike. The bikes are part of the new “Stages” art campaign of the Livestrong foundation by Mr. Armstrong.
Both Kaws and Barry McGree created custom designs of the Trek Madone. The Barry McGee bike will debut at the public anti-cancer ride in Hollywood today and then go on to be Lance’s bike in the Tour of California. The Kaws bike will first appear in the upcoming Milan-San Remo race. Both bikes were presented in the Nike Montalban Theater space.

Mr. Armstrong is beastin' right now....

we show you the complete line-up of sneakers and clothing, created as part of the “Stages” initiative by Nike in collaboration with Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation.

In terms of product they present the Lunar Livestrong Pack, consisting of two sneakers. Next comes the Evolution of Air, which is a pack consisting of three Air Max’s. The most interesting pack is probably the Greatest Hits pack, which consists of collaborations with So_Me, Mr. Cartoon and Futura. Last but not least there is The Cutters pack.

In terms of clothing they worked on a Livestrong Flywire Windrunner and on a Nike Sportswear M-65 Jacket. All product comes in the black/yellow colorway, known from LIvestrong.
“Stages” brings together close to 20 of the world’s most creative and diverse artists to create original works of art inspired by Armstrong and his mission to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. This unique project brings together the world of art, philanthropy and sport, in a way never before seen, to create artwork that represents the power of human potential in overcoming adversity.
Artists participating in the “Stages” tour include names such as Shepard Fairey, Tom Sachs, Barry McGee and Marc Newson. All artists will begin working on their pieces between now and July, leading to an exhibition at the world renowned Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery in Paris on July 16th, 2009.
To further support the fight against cancer, Nike is releasing two sportswear collections, all proceeds of which will be contributed to the LAF. There will be a “Hope Rides Again” apparel and footwear collection and footwear “Greatest Hits” pack. Artists participating in the “Stages” tour include: Shepard Fairey, Tom Sachs, Geoff McFetridge, Raymond Pettibon, José Parlá, Ed Ruscha, Kaws, Christopher Wool, Dzine, Eric White, Barry McGee, Kenny Scharf, Os Gêmeos, Marc Newson, Rosson Crow, Taryn Simon, JR, Yoshitomo Nara, Suejin Chung, Lari Pittman, Aaron Young and Jules de Balincourt.” I'm not a fan of Lance but this line up is of kicks are must haves.

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