Friday, December 25, 2009

Sony PS3 Supreme is the world’s most expensive PS3 at $320,000

Supreme PS3 gold expensive most sony

Carved out of 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold, the Sony PS3 Supreme dazzles with a diamond-studded disc loading slot. 58 of 0.50 ct Flawless diamonds total up to 26ct. To maintain its exclusivity, only three such gilded consoles will be offered for a price of £199,995 (about $320,000)


Young Goons Robbing Liquor Store At Gun Point In The Bay!

Kids Goin ' crazy now'a days...

Bonus "Raw"


Nas and Damian Marley "Distant Relatives" TRAILER

Comin' real soon...


30 Deep Gang Accused Of Breaking Into Footlockers For Space Jam Jordans Retro 11s

Where do you think I got mine from......


All I wanted for Cristmas was to tackle the Pope...

Raw video of the Pope gettin tackled before christmas mass....where was the "Top Flight" security at.


Kobe, Lebron & Santa (KRS-One)

For Christmas today I'ma go dunk on some reindeer.....Dunkin on that reindeer, Dunkin on that reindeer, Du.. Du.. Du.. Du.. Du.. Dunkin on that reindeer.

Merry Christmas Everybody.



Steve Nash Baron Davis Step Brothers Spoof

Watch my man Steve Nash bust out the old school moves goin' hard.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Halo: Reach

From last weeks video game awards.


Specs Ops: The Line [Video Game Trailer]

Shit looks raw...


The South Crackin Down On Bootleg Clothing In Flea Markets.... "I Thought It Was Real. Its Counterfeit?"

Nike puttin' fools in jail.


Security In Oregon Bangs Kid In The Head With His Own Skateboard & Then His Boy's Hook Off On The Guard

If you watch closely, one of the security guards smacks a skater in the face with his own board, then another security guard joins in and straight up jumps the skaters


Thuggies - Snuggies For Thugs (Co-Starring 50 Cent)

Get yours for the holidays......Great for the wannabees 1-800-555-thug


Raekwon - Pyrex Vision...Official Video

Video for Raekwon "Pyrex Vision" off of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II available now.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Punk Drunkers(tokyo) SF Invasion @ D-Structure Fri. Dec 18th

Punk Drunkers Invades D-Structure SF::: Fri. Dec 18th 8pm-11pm

In 1998 Punk Drunkers was founded in Sendagaya, Tokyo. For the past ten years they have kept to their philosophies. Never becoming stagnate and falling behind, and always embracing originality. Their brand concept mixes Japanese culture with western influences, which always creates a unique approach and original designs. It's no wonder Punk Drunkers has been successful for the past ten years they've been around.
With a decade in the industry, Punk Drunkers has always been very exclusive with the brands and stores they collaborate with. That's why D-Structure is the only store in San Francisco to carry Punk Drunkers, let alone, one of the few American brands to collaborate with them.
With a loyal and large fan base in Japan, Punk Drunkers will finally make their San Francisco Debut December 18th at D-Structure. Here are some sneak peek photos of the designs that are invading D-Structure.

Punk Drunkers



Saturday, December 05, 2009

Air Jordan Silver Anniversary Collection

Jordan Brand has big plans for their 25th anniversary. The occasion is being celebrated with a large number of special releases of the Air Jordans I, VI, XI, XVI, and XX1 all white for the Silver Anniversary pack.

LunarLite Woven Chukka 2010

Nike Spring 2010 LunarLite Woven Chukka

Another interesting hybrid is coming for Spring 2010. Here we present you the upcoming Nike Spring 2010 LunarLite Woven Chukka. The Lunar foam sole has been combined with the Chukka upper. The upper comes in a black woven pattern with leather details.

Shouts to Mr. Marcus.....I know he's gotta be feelin' these.


Day in the Life Video Paul Rodriguez

Shouts to the Digital and the swoosh...


Tuesday, December 01, 2009



Fuckin' Alphabet City - one day can last forever when it's the only thing that matters. Stunts, blunts and skateboards are on the minds of nine friends hanging out downtown on yet another carefree day in New York City. Rame, Mighty and Specs run into their homegirls and their favorite L.E.S.bians at Tompkins Square Park, and it looks like there's a house party tonight.

All That Matters will premiere first in trailer form, with a full-length edit to follow. The feature was directed and produced by the infamous duo Lazlo and Erik of Kilo (Rocksmith Clothing). A.T.M. is one of the first video features to be shot entirely using the Japanese Harinezumi camera.

The carpe diem attitude of All That Matters is visually paired with the Rocksmith Holiday 09 collection. The line features progressive cut & sew with vintage quality and fabrication, such as the OG Varsity Jacket with distressed leather sleeves and the corduroy/French terry Apex pullover. The Stunts Blunts tee puts a NYC twist on a California classic, while New Money is the anthem blaring through the Boombox skate deck speakers.

Directed and Produced by: Lazlo & Erik (Kilo Intl)
Music: Jay Reatard (Matador Records) "It Ain't Gonna Save Me"
Starring: the homies, just doin what they do


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