Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This right here is called hajwalah, wherein drivers throw their vehicles into an extended slide before eventually correcting and continuing along their way...I may think the fine folks in Oakland have some stiff competition by the looks of this footage plus there bustin' shots out of AK's to add a lil bit of swagg to it...Peep and enjoi...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

AWR X MSK take over the heavens...

MSK by SABER from LA TACO on Vimeo.

"I own the sky!" exclaimed L.A. graf king Saber as his latest project started to unfold at noon today -- not on an elusive downtown wall, but in the skies above City Hall. Saber's latest artwork is a sky written protest against the public mural moratorium in place per city hall since 2007.

Long story short, the moratorium's not official. As an artist, you just won't be issued a permit. Even with permission from a property owner, one can be arrested and the owner fined and also jailed.

In the legal protest, executed by six hired skywriting jets and lasting about 45 minutes, the first two passes were call-outs to other LA artists and crews -- Revok, Tempt, MSK, LTS, Risky, Ayer and Dream were some. Then down to business: "Art is not a crime. End mural moratorium: twitter at end mural moratorium"

Made possible by donations from Shepard Fairey, Juxtapoz magazine, San Francisco's Upper Playground and even Twitter, all got their own sky-nod for supporting the cause.

The Twitter universe is abuzz with messages from the art community and others simply trying to find out what it means. The audience, which included cops, city hall employees and jurors, found out about the event by passing by, via the live tweeting via @saberawr or from the small group of photogs and friends that gathered to record and witness the feat from the ground.

​A formal petition on the issue is up on, as well as links to the ordinance, stories and news blurbs recording Los Angeles' recent history of art elimination, as well as a little WPA history. You know that L.A. used to be known as the "Mural Capitol of the World", right? In Saber's formal statement, he writes, "...taxpayer money is now used to obliterate all traces of the artwork my generation have created. I believe this is city-funded censorship pushed by lawmakers with personal vendettas. Potential jail time is more probable for us than the opportunity of creating an artistic legacy for the next generation..."

Already in the Guinness book of world records for the "World's Largest Graffiti", Saber's 1997 piece at the L.A. River that could be viewed from space was buffed in 2009 to the rumored tune of $1.2 million dollars. Is he now the world's first graffiti writer to figure out how to tag the sky? Actually, no. "Ron English did it first, but he just wrote 'cloud'," says Saber. "Hopefully this will motivate others to stop this crazy moratorium and bring public art back to LA."-via LAWeeklyArts

NORM etc. by SABER from LA TACO on Vimeo.

.....THEY'ER KILLIN' IT simply said....

Photos by Bobby Hundreds....

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last week was cuttin' it real close, but we still Charlie Sheen-nin' on 'em though...

Next week the odds don't look good for your boy according to the folks at ESPN got me at 6 point underdogg... and thats why they play the game...

The man that put me on sway. KareemJahron - Freeway – RapFix Live Freestyle

Get More: Music News ‘Freja Beha Erichsen’ Skateboard Deck

Doodah Supermodel Skateboard Project - Girls on the Board

"Doodah" ... worked with the photographer duo Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer on the series which they have recently updated. Erin Wasson, Anja Rubik und Abbey Lee Kershaw are joining Lara Stone, Isabeli Fontana and other topmodels that were already part of the series. The limited edition skateboard decks are now available... so get your like I'm bout to get mine

Doodah 'Freja Beha Erichsen' Nude Skateboard Deck-01

Doodah 'Freja Beha Erichsen' Nude Skateboard Deck-02

New Releases from Cukui + Fall LookBook

Heavyweight Gorilla

Cukui Neon

Cukui loves the kids...available sizes 2T - 7T

"Bonus round"....Here's a sneak peak of the latest Cukui Fall 2011 T-shirts, sweaters, hats and more... Now available online and in-store.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NIKEiD x England Rugby ‘NEW BLOOD’ Air Max 1 Hyperfuse

new blood am1 hyp 1 NIKEiD for England Rugby NEW BLOOD Air Max 1 Hyperfuse

NIKEiD in Niketown London put out an exclusive limited edition England Rugby Air Max 1 Hyperfuse, to the mark the start of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Inspired by the team’s new 100% black change strip that was launched in August, the all black shoe uses new Hyperfuse technology to create a powerful, minimalist look. The words ‘New’ and ‘Blood’ are emblazoned on the tongue of each shoe in contrasting red stitching to celebrate of the England’s current crop of brilliant youngsters.

An ultra-rare ‘England Squad Pack’ not-for-sale pack featuring a pair of the NikeiD Air Max 1 Hyperfuse and a set of custom-made black Nike x Beats by Dr. Dre headphones featuring England Rugby’s iconic red rose emblem has specially been created for every member of the squad who travelled out to New Zealand. However, a limited number of the England Rugby NIKEiD Air Max 1 Hyperfuse will go on sale exclusively at Nike’s 1948 store in East London this weekend retailing at £125 (approximately $198 USD).

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