Friday, August 28, 2009

Timbaland Speaking On His New Game With Rockstar "Beaterator" Coming For PSP! + Live-Action Footage Of The Game Itself

Rockstar Games reports "Today we are happy to present a brand-new video clip for Beaterator, coming September 29 to the PSP. The clip features live-action footage of Timbaland himself discussing his collaboration with Rockstar Games; what Beaterator is and how you can get the most out of the application; and brief samplings of a few of the myriad beats and songs you can create with this truly unique and powerful music-making tool. " It reminds my of the o.g. beat making game Traxxpad.


What The Hell? Microsoft Photoshops Black Guy Out Of Their Polish Website!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

CONN5 and UnGrammar(((The Lounge))) presents Questlove + DJ Houseshoes


CONN 5 and UnGRAMMAR present this very special listening party at
9:00 pm this Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge in
Downtown San Jose
99 East San Fernando Street @ 3rd Street

special limited $8.00 presale tickets available at
Wed 26th quest


DJ Questlove
The Roots | Okayplayer | Philadelphia

+ Special guest

DJ Houseshoes
Detroit to LA

CONN5 is pleased to once again bring Questlove to San Jose for an
intimate gathering while he takes us on a remarkable journey not to be
missed. Fahrenheit's surroundings will afford this to once again be
the event befitting a connoisseur allowing listeners to be up close
and personal with ?uesto himself.

As a special guest, we are happy to ingrocude DJ Houseshoes, Detroit's
HipHop ambassador, to the South Bay. His current mix project "King
James Version" dedicated to his hometown brethren J Dilla is now
available. Check him out at


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sony PlayStation 3 Gets A Price Drop And A New "Slim" Model September 1st

Kaz Hirai, head of all things PlayStation announced that the long-rumored slim PlayStation 3 Slim will be in stores the first week of September.

Hirai noted that it will be have the same features and function of the current PS3, with a 120 gb drive. It will be 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter.

The unit will cost $299 in the U.S., 299 euros, 29980 yen.

It was widely speculated among the gaming press that Sony would announce a slim version of the PlayStation 3. Recurring rumors of price drops and supposed spy shots fueled speculation for months.

Sony's next major gaming press event is Tokyo Game Show, which begins in late September.

As for the current PS3 Models currently in stores the prices have dropped from 399$ to 299$ for the current model, but who would go and buy the current model now for that price when the new PS3 Slim will be available first week of September?


Music video for 2 time Grammy winning Gospel group Mary Mary

Church music don't sound the same granny.

Mary Mary "God In Me" from Secret History on Vimeo.

Ghetto_Defender_TEST by BUILDESTROY

Ghetto_Defender_TEST from BUILDESTROY on Vimeo.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication by BUILDESTROY

1st gen family. Killing it!

The band came to my good friend Steve Marcus with a decent budget and our choice of song and complete freedom to create whatever we wanted. 1999 we saw them perform in NYC and our demented little cartoon on the jumbotron behind them, little did we know MTV would play it that same year on the movie awards. Officially my first After Effects animation too.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication from BUILDESTROY on Vimeo.

Break Up (featuring Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett)

AUGOR featuring Kid Cudi.

COMPLEX Magazine's
5th Annual Style and Design

Friday, August 07, 2009

Nike SB - Today Was a Good Day - Extended Version

KRS-One & Buckshot f. Pharoahe Monch - Recording "One Shot" in the studio

Nas, Nick Cannon & Affion Crockett - Eat That Watermelon (PSA)

Scratch & De La Soul - Talk Africa Express Performance

Added: Friday, August 07, 2009

"Africa Express is a series of collaborative events that encourage musical exchange between African artists and their Western counterparts. Scratch recently took part for a performance in Africa featuring De La Soul, Amadu & Mariam & more. For more info, check out Scratch's album Loss 4 Wordz is in stores now."

The Game

from the nice folks at hip hop dx

John Forte - Good Day New York Performance

From the nice folks at hip hop dx.

Conn5 fam Don Prahfit's directed by Ratha Nou of Stablished, off the latest mixtape Edo's Japanese Graffiti Vol. 2.

Don Prahfit's latest music video directed by Ratha Nou of Stablished, off the latest mixtape Edo's Japanese Graffiti Vol. 2. Download the mixtape @

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My 11yr old started her own blog...Wow! Honor roll's in the district now she starts a blog...check the fits u cant teach style..

my lil queen b jahkiya



Everyone loves Beyonce! Well her song Ego is awsome. I'm listening to it right now! Everyone knows Beyonce is really a great singer. She has a great voice, so if you haven't heard her song Ego, listen to it on You Tube.

Now this game is super cool. Its called, Traxxpad "Portable Studio". Now you make music, its kind of hard but if you read the instructions, and really try you'll get it! Now what I think is so cool about this game also is my dad was a part of making it happen. Check it out, its raited E for everyone.

Now if you like some strong lyrics then theres a song by the Jonas Brothers. Its really deep, it even almost made my mom cry! Its called Sorry. He makes promises to his girlfriend and he never made them cause he wasn't around. Its a great song. I think you should look it up.




Ok so last night in Sac. there was a Jonas Brothers consert. For my B-Day my mom got us tickets, so we went last night and it was awsome! They put on a great show, they shot foam into the crowd! My favorite is Nick, and he plays a lot of things, guitar, piano, and drums! Some of you know that Kevin Jonas is getting married! Over all the consert was great, Can't wait until my next concert!



Music To Stay Away From

Now I know some of you have heard of Lil Wayne. Well his single, Every Girl is ok. Its inapropiate, and its not a good song all together. The beat it good, but it seems like everything else went wrong, for an example the lyrics. Everyone knows the lyrics is one of the main parts of a song, and in this song the lyrics went in the wrong direction. So stay away from the bundle of mess!


Love Questions

All of you that have posted love questions, just go to where u posted it, then you can look and see some answers. Hope you liked my advice!

Video Games

Now most of you have heard of sims games. Well, sims is coming out with a new Sims 3 game! It isn't out yet but it maybe. If you like sims games like I do i would check it out. It looks fun and cool. Along with any other sims games are cool, except Sims City Creator don't forget that. I can't wait to check out the game!

Signed, kiya

Casual - Can You Feel It

Connoisseur533 B-Boy Lucid Dj Vinroc feat. Zumbi (Zioni) & Jenisis-"LuvLuv" widescreen

HomeRoom Fall 2009 T-Shirts

HomeRoom Fall 2009 T-Shirts

HomeRoom has released a series of new graphic t-shirts as part of their Fall 2009 Collection. The graphics are very clean this season and most notably is the Eric Bailey collaboration. This season is the last that HomeRoom will be offering graphic tees, which sucks I was really feeling them. After Fall 2009 you will see a clear concentration from the brand on cut-and-sew. Big ups to our peoples at Homeroom for this good look.

The HomeRoom Fall 2009 T-Shirts are now available in their online store and also on their way to HomeRoom retailers.


This video is Killing it Marvel vs. Capcom 2 MixTape Planet Asia and DJ DJ Toure

Lace Leno UndaTurf Muzik / King Duce Records Dir: Hayves Streeter Jr. Producer: Cadre Media Group


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