Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nike Roshe Run “Watercolor Camo” Pack


Nike keeps the creative original prints coming on their Roshe Run line with the “Watercolor Camo.” The latest creation feature multicolored uppers and offer brand new take on everyone's most popular patterns. With the two choices available coming in forest green and arctic blue colors, and I'm hoping  the result is more colorways to come in his pattern.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Nike Air Trainer SCII Jacksonville and Minnesota Colorways


Bo Jackson themed mid top trainer has been released in two fresh new colorways, paying homage to famous football cities. The Nike Air Trainer SCII this time around comes in either a white colorway with tonal accents of purple and wolf grey for Minnesota, or a black colorway with blustery and orche highlights for Jacksonville. Built with premium cushioning for running, weight training, and drills, this sneaker is made with multi-sport regimes in mind. Available now from the Nike store.


The New Balance Numbering System Explained


I've always wondered how New Balance categorize their sneakers in which each has its own individual model and with the help of NB themselves I pass down the this info.....

The typical model produced by New Balance is branded with a 6-7 digit code, M1500BWG for example, and refers to three separate qualities. The first one or two letters signifies the gender and trainer type; in this case ‘M’ stands for Men’s and ‘W’ for Women’s. This can differ and instead included alterations such as ‘MR’ – Men’s Running, ‘MT’ – Men’s Trail, or ‘U’ – Unisex. There is also ‘CM’ or ‘CW’, which states that the model has been custom made for an exclusive collaboration, and we advise that if you see this, you be fast in getting a pair.
Secondly is the model number, the easiest part of the system that helps you single out what style you’re after. In this case, the ‘15’ refers to the level of performance (higher numbers equate to superior technology and quality, as well as a higher price tag) and the ‘00’ references to the performance series – also representing that these have been designed for athletes who want maximum performance, due to the higher number.
Finally is the last 2-3 letters which refers to the colourway, and means that ‘BWG’ would stand for Blue/White/Grey. On very select cases it will reference ‘ST’ or ‘MC’ for example, and designates that it is either a stability shoe or motion control shoe, and can also be altered when featured on exclusive releases, such as our ‘Black Pigeon’ last year seen below.

.... and with this information given to you all we can officially call out a dude when he's rockin' a women's color way. Enjoi. - via HIGHSNOBIETY.com

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