Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are You An Artist, Writer, Photographer?!

I know you did not plan on sitting at a desk in a cubicle for the summer while people are outside enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Who the hell wants that?!?! We here at Connoisseur 533 are developing an online gallery of thoughts, expressions and lifestyles and are looking for the most qualified, fun, open-minded, people to help us create this. We are looking to create a place that is geared to express the many lifestyles of fashion, art, skateboarding, graffiti, etc.

We are looking for writers, photographers, and graphic designers.

We have strong and loyal visiting rate of readers to our website and it is continuously growing every month on huge proportional volumes. We are looking to bring people to the Connoisseur group to contribute to the already steady exponential moving hit rate of our website.

Artist Submits
Press Coverage
Viral Marketing
Photography Submission
Web Development
Street Promotion

Connoisseur Group
Connoisseur 533 Boutique
High-Quality Artistic Fashion
High-Quality Fashions for A High-Quality Diverse Clientèle
Based in San Jose, CA Since 2007

SJ Digiprint
High quality digital and offset printing
We have a diverse clientèle of artists, promoters, clubs, clothing lines, designers, etc.
We specialize in artist prints
Quick same day turnaround of most types of jobs

unCoVered 3rd Management
Freelance Writing
Public Relations
Articles Published Frequently on
Articles With Independent Artists Such As:
Substantial, The Carps, InVerse, Fat Tony, etc.
Independent Artist Development
Online Promotion
Concert Promotion As Well

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