Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As a self-professed, lifelong sneaker head

About this video:
"As a self-professed, lifelong sneaker head, my love affair with Nike spans decades from Bo Jackson’s to Air Jordans. Holding a box with a fresh pair Nikes has always provided a euphoric sense of invincibility that has stayed with me throughout the years. Like any true Nike connoisseur, stacks of empty sneaker boxes have amassed in my closet and over time I wondered what could be done with various colors and textures from the assortment of boxes – an equally important piece of artwork as the shoe itself. Knowing it would be wasteful to let these boxes take up space, I opted to use my skills as a visual artist to channel the inner animal or beast that I believe exist in all of us, whether athlete or artist.

This is where the concept of a world of animals and beasts created out of deconstructed Nike boxes came to fruition. I have many passions and skills, one being able to identify simple overlooked items of refuse and reviving life into them, serving as a sort of artistic afterlife. This after life is a traveling show that conveys the beauty in reconstruction and recycling the countless Nike boxes that we throw away. There is life after the empty box."

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