Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hipstamatic x Instagram to team up...

Hipstamatic, Instagram To Unveil Photo-Sharing Partnership

“It represents the first time Instagram has opened up this platform API to third parties, and marks a move toward letting photos freely flow into Instagram’s network from outside sources.

Now, when users snap a pic on Hipstamatic, they’ll have the option to push the photo to Instagram, just as one might push a Foursquare check-in to Twitter. Users can auto-tag the photo with the particular lens, film, and flash used, and add a comment–all from Hipstamatic. On Instagram, the photo will appear with attribution: Taken with Hipstamatic.”

What makes all this growth the more incredible, is that unlike with other apps and social networks, you can only post things to Instagram within the app itself. From the computer you can only see individual images, shared by the users. A big announcement today will change that – Hipstamatic users will be able to post up their images into their Instagram feeds with just one click. An Android application is supposed to come out soon.

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