Thursday, July 05, 2012

Star Wars Recreations of Famous Photographs by David Eger


David Eger presents a series of photographs, recreating famous photographs with Star Wars characters. Storm Troopers and of course also Darth Vader appear in the series, entitled ’365 Days of Clones’. As part of a year-long project ’365 days of clones’, canadian art teacher david eger has recreated famous photographs and paintings using star wars figurines. the scenography is done in real life rather than in photoshop, in a project that was eger’s response to his new year’s resolution to pursue personal photographic endeavours more often. Eger photographed each piece on a date relevant to the original work: the anniversary of the date the photograph was taken in the case of most contemporary pieces; or the birth or death dates of the artist for images like his recreations of pablo picasso’s ’guernica’ or leonardo da vinci’s ‘vitruvian man’.



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