Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DEE x ONES free Heat of the Week: The Gooneez x The Fratelleez - #Anonymous [mixtape]

This is the latest project from the Southern Cali based duo The Gooneez. #Anonymous finds the duo linking up with the three piece band The Fretellez and hits us straight in the head with some refreshing tunes. If you like what you hear on the video the download link is available for y'all down below. Enjoi.

01) Intro (Prod by ID Labs)
02) Every Morning (Prod by Cardo)
03) Too Strong ft. Kendrick Lamar (Prod by Mr.Kooman)
04) Time Slippin Away x The Fratelleez
05) Just Wanna Shine (Prod by Cardo)
06) Its Natural ft. Marvin Gaye (Prod by Big Jerm)
07) Neil Armstrong x The Fratelleez
08) Stairways (Prod by Live N Stereo)
09) Back Home x The Fratelleez
10) This Right Here (Prod by Flawless Tracks)
11) 1981 ft. Billy Corgan (Performed by The Fratelleez)
12) Rad ft. Andy Milonakis (Prod by Tom Davids)
13) White Lines & Road Signs x The Fratelleez
14) Yep (Prod by Flawless Tracks)
15) Dream of You x The Fratelleez
16) #Anonymous (Prod by Mr.Kooman)
17) Mic Check 1,2x The Fratelleez
18) Everlasting Summer (Prod by Flawless Tracks)
19) Land of the Dead x The Fratelleez

The Gooneez x The Fratelleez - #Anonymous

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