Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Comic Books?!

It’s been awhile since last I wrote y’all but I’ve been doing my thing (volunteering at a children’s camp and my girl stopped by for a week before going back to Japan). But, I always have time to stay up to date on the industries, yao ming?

But here is something y’all need to be hip to in order to survive in the fore front this summer...are you ready?

Comic books!

Dr. Doom
Yep, they aren’t just for kids anymore (not that they ever truly were). With the success of Iron Man (raw deez if you haven’t seen it), the Spiderman trilogy, etc, comics are again at the head of pop culture. I recommend checking some of the graphic novels for the movies coming out soon.

Most bookstores and comic shops have the book forms already set out for ya.

Peep some of this summer’s hottest fashion featuring some of our favorite cape wearing, web-slinging, gun-toting, arse-kicking heroes.

Mister Fantastic
Get hip to it.

The kid, Essince

P.S. Rick Ross & Nelly’s “Here I am” is the business.

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