Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Yorker Obama Cover

Written By Kevin Robinson, Jr.

I woke up this morning to see the brand new cover of the "New Yorker" that was extremely disturbing. There's a satirical cartoon of Barack and Michele Obama in the Oval Office dressed extremely offensively. Michele Obama is cloaked with machine gun shells around her neck as a terrorist and Barack is dressed in a turban and Muslim clothing. The sick twisted satire of this cartoon is completely and utterly disrespectful to this man and his wife. The ironic thing is that they never made a satirical cartoon in the New Yorker of Dick Cheney and Haliburton as vampires sucking the blood out of America. They never would have made a satirical cartoon of Bush as a puppet being pulled with strings by Cheney, now would they? So why is it okay for the New Yorker, a worldwide distributed newsletter that is published weekly to make a disrespectful satirical cartoon of an extremely charismatic black man and his wife in the Oval Office of the White House as its cover? It is not. The symbols of the burning American flag in the fireplace, and Barack and Michele dressed as terrorists showing how they must be a part of the already known pseudo "Axis of Evil" to overtake the American public are ridiculous. Whatever tasteless moron that drew this cartoon is a complete and utter idiot, but the person that deserves the blame for this shit even making the cover is the editor of the New Yorker. This is just another scare tactic thrown the way at Barack Obama to scare him off from the Presidental race. I can just hear all of the white conservatives cheering and laughing at this cover; it is sheer ignorance. I was not at all interested in the Presidental Race and could have cared less about any of the propaganda around it before seeing this cover this morning. I'm not saying that I am interested in politics that are already skewed anyway, but I am seeing exactly what is happening around me. The propaganda of showing how Barack can change America, and it is truly alarming to me that a hundred years ago, black men in this country were seen as scapegoats (and still are). But now, it is fine for a black man to be given the green light to be president of this country. All I am saying is that America at this point in time is in a state of extreme recession and at the brink of crumbling beyond most people's perception, and the propaganda is putting this "Big Change" moniker above the head of Barack Obama. If Obama does not have the capacity to change the already destroyed American economy, then he will be scapegoated by the people around this country that now "love" him.

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