Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Murs & 9th Wonder "Sweet Lord" Review

Written by Anthony Obi

Murs is in love. And when I say love I mean l-u-v. "Corny, traditional/all day I'm missing you/Vision of us sitting on the couch and I'm kissing you." Murs is looking for the one on "Marry Me," and revelling in good ol' hand-holdin', pet-namin', hours of endless television, live-in girlfriend bliss on "Love The Way." On "Nina Ross," it seems like he's been scarred straight from groupie juggling (at least in the town he met Miss Nina.) Is this maturity? Are the American people ready for a Murs' record without freaky tales he tells so well? One can only hope.

Murs & 9th Wonder are on their third record together, and continue developing their sound through the ten tracks of "Sweet Lord". 9th's productions get more refined on each go 'round, and best believe his Fruity Looped expertise bangs once again. This nigga knows soul records like no other. The sampled hook for "Marry Me" will make any 20 something lovebird reach for the front doors of the nearest Kay Jewelers store.

Murs is like the old friend you can always rely on; consistent, enjoyable, and dependable. Always coming around with his tales of the good and bad times with a beaming smile. He's back penning lighthearted raps, personal stories, and motivational talks through the scope of an 'every day nigga from 'round the way' posturing. And yes, he's still proclaiming to be "better than your favorite rapper."

Is this "grown folks music"? I'm at a loss for the new Hip Hop term that describes adult rappers that are less (openly) ig'nant than the norm, but whatever it is, this record is a shining example of it. Go download this free shit. "One life, one love, come on y'all - live it up." Will do, Murray.

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