Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We're Building

Written by Kevin Robinson, Jr.
The more and more I think about the transitions of life that I have gone through this year; it leads me back to referring to the process I like to call, "The seasons of life." Since January, I have had the dramatic changes of a cold and stubborn heart (winter) to the flowering blossoms of joy and brand new life (spring). The summer with its harsh humid weather that is parallel to a person's stress. I don't think that I explained it too well, but I think that you should get my gist.

I am truly blessed; I am in a position right now in my life to do everything I would possibly want to do. I had said to an acquaintance of mine months ago that we were building a foundation of something substantial, I realized months later that the only foundation I was building upon was on my business venture, social life, and spirituality with God. I am thankful to God that I have the strength to carry on with whatever hardship and stress is thrown my way. I know that a tremendous amount of people on this Earth do not have the gull or better yet the "balls" to swallow their pride and take every life lesson of hardship, pain, and anguish as a strength training exercise for the mind. I have always seen the stresses and pain of life as a work out for the mind. You feel a strain in your mind when you become stressed and you feel weak and powerless then drained from this stress. But, just as the work out at the gym when you lift weights, days later, the soreness (stress) disappears. You become stronger.

The seasons of life that we all go through are meant to teach us about ourselves in some sort of way and fashion. You just have to know when you are leaving one season of your life and moving into the next. Take the strength that you now have from the harsh hot weather of Summer, the deadening of leaves of Spring, or even the blasts of cold of Winter and build upon them. Strength can only be gained from the pain a human being goes through. There is no strength or progress without pain and anguish. Just know that we're building.

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