Thursday, September 11, 2008

I stumbled across Justina a few years ago on Myspace (where ELSE would I find a new musician nowadays?).

Justina’s a DOPE emcee/singer representing New Jersey...but don’t let the gorgeous face and bangin’ body fool you...not only is she attractive, but she’s hot.

Oh, and she’s talented. I bought her mixtape, Italy Miss a few years back in my freshman year of college and she was kind enough to sign it for me, too. It stayed in my CD player for a while...I found it while cleaning my room and it went right back in my player where it belongs.

This video is a different style for her [to me] and a little more ‘pop’ but it’s still cool.

I recommend befriending her on myspace and checking out her radio show, too.



“Let’s Experiment”

P.S. she’s on iTunes and still has older CDs for sale on her Myspace

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