Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is 1 of the photos i took for a uk Tattoo MagazineSkin Deep Magazine for My Family Death Before Dishonor Tattoos

Photos: KareemJahron i was Blessed to be able to capture a photo Spread For my family over at Death Before Dishonor Tattoo's to be featured in a upin coming issue of Skin Deep Magazine
Skin Deep Tattoo magazine has been in the newsagents for over eleven years now and has established itself as the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine.

So i cant put up any other photos i took until the mag goes to print.
But this how we do in the place where apple computers 1st jumped off. and adobe. Shit they even say this is the brain of the world...picture that.
Here is a little history on our side of the world.
Immigrants from Taiwan, China, India and Israel who were trained in the United States as engineers moved to Silicon Valley in the 1980s and 1990s and then back to their respective homes to cross-pollinate cultures and industries.
They have been marinated in Silicon Valley and learn how the start-up culture works here. Then they started going back to places like Taiwan, India and China to start companies, or maybe set up a development lab or work with policymakers to set up venture firms.
They are the best and brightest from places like India and China, and they've been sucked into the Silicon Valley labor market because it's grown so fast and absorbed so much skill.
For example, we see Israel providing security and networking software now. There's also been a shift from Taiwan, a Silicon Valley sibling. It started out in the 1980s providing low-cost assembly and manufacturing, and over time became a Silicon Valley partner because companies there innovated in process and manufacturing to such an extent that their expertise is unparalleled in the world now.


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