Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who we are

CONN5, Phase II of the Connoisseur Movement.

The Connoisseur Group is a multi-faceted marketing media and project
management firm. CONN5 creates branding solutions and multi-media
strategies to reach fashionable, lifestyle-conscious,
socially-responsible individuals.
Officially Established in 2005, the Connoisseur Group is an
amalgamation of creative and motivated forces from various sectors of
our vast network. Artists of various mediums and forms along with
enthusiasts of many types merged to achieve their ever-continuing
creation and cultivation of art, fashion, and lifestyle. The use of
the term Connoisseur is intended to be held to its true definition
and is prevalent in everything in which the group is involved. Current
projects with SJDigiprint and various booking agencies as well as a
video film crew and editors are currently and consistently in

One of the movement's most notable subdivisions was the 533 Boutique.
Its motto was as follows:

Connoisseur 533 is a store that is not affected by trends, pop stars,
or “the next hot thing.” Connoisseurs, as the definition states, are
people with discriminating tastes -people who can decide for
themselves what is fly, and what is not. Connoisseur 533 is a space
for such people. It’s a platform where designers are presented
cleanly, in a no-frills atmosphere. A place without pretentiousness,
for people who appreciate fresh design. We are not concerned with the
popularity contest because fashion is a matter of taste.
In Hopeful yet uncertain times, the Connoisseur Group opted to leave
the storefront retail behind and move in new directions. The retail
market had become saturated, then stagnant. The group opted to
strengthen from within, utilizing other elements of the network.
Partnerships within our network have allowed us to delve deeply into
full-service branding from inception (or introduction) to design and
development, print and media placement to implementation and
management. Closely-associated individuals within our network are
professionals in fields such as:

Marketing, Promotions, Event Production, Viral Marketing, Graphic
Design, Web Design, Photography, Cinematography, Fine Art, Functional
Art and Craft, Tattoo Art, Modeling, Fashion Design, Production and
Marketing, Performers and Other Music Industry Professionals, Digital,
Offset, and Wide Format Printing, Installation and Other Post-Print

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