Friday, August 22, 2008

LA Resurrection

Written by Kevin Robinson, Jr.
Los Angeles has become a hotbed of talent as of late with new hip-hop acts such as U-N-I, Pacific Division, J*Davey, Dom Kennedy, TiRon, Inverse, Ayomari, etc. I have recently in the past year realized that the music that is coming out of LA (as far as hip-hop) are all being made by cats that are in my age range of 20-24 years of age. Here's a video from Dom Kennedy, "Watermelon Sundae." This is the complete summer soundtrack all in one song. The nirvana sets in as soon as the beat drops; what better way to portray the feel-good So Cal vibes of this song than having a video at a pool party.

"Watermelon Sundae" by Dom Kennedy"

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