Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nike Pop shop,My dude from the bay . Running ting. Whats upper Mr. Wang! yall Say whats up when u go to the spot.

Nike has opened a unique retail installation in the heart of Hollywood at the Montalbán Theater. Starting in August and running until October 31st, the historic theater will play host to special programming by Nike Sportswear, and starting today, consumers will be able to buy select Nike Sportswear clothes and shoes from the space, including icons like the Windrunner, the AW 77 hoody, the Nike Dunk, Air Mad 90 as well as the NSW collection.

True to its legacy as the oldest functioning theatre in Hollywood, Nike Sportswear at the Montalbán will host film screenings every Tuesday night starting on August 12th with the L.A. premier of Beautiful Losers, a documentary film, which celebrates the spirit behind the influential DIY cultural movement. Other screenings include Adam Yauch’s Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot and a special showing of the classic documentary Tokyo Olympiad. Additionally, the film programming experiences will be extended with themed workshops, where Beautiful Losers’ curator and director Aaron Rose will host “MAKE SOMETHING!!, a series of community and youth-oriented creative workshops that works with public school art programs and youth mentoring programs, The work created in each location will form a continually evolving exhibition, which will be open to the public to view.

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