Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nov Ganon

Written by Kevin Robinson, Jr.
Brooklyn, New York has been the home of some truly pioneering talents in the realms of hip-hop. The concrete cracked and destroyed but yet still as strong as the culture that deprives throughout Brooklyn to scanning the cityscape of broken windows and brownstone buildings in the distance gleams like the true essence of hip-hop. These are the stomping and birthing grounds of some serious new emcee's. Fresh Daily and Mickey Factz are some of the names stirring quite a buzz not only in NYC, but throughout the hip-hop world. But, amongst this bunch rises a young cat, Nov Ganon, (also from Brooklyn) with the rapid-fire spittery and complex word play of a 21 year-old renaissance. I recently was referred to his Myspace to check out this cat's music, and was impressed by far. The electronic-infused production followed and complimented with the witty lyricism of Nov Ganon proved that this kid will definitely have the originality to stand alone in the music world beyond hip-hop. In the age where music fans are drowned and consumed with PlaySkool keyboard Nintendo-esque beats and kindergarten lyrics speaking of misogyny, jewelry, and drugs, Nov Ganon stands alone as an iconoclast going against the grain of conformity.
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