Friday, August 29, 2008

What The F*@# is Hyphy?!

Every corner of the country seems to have its own style of hip hop. The East Coast has its grimy, street hustle, the Midwest became known for its rapid-fire delivery and melody, the South its hustling, dope, flossing, and club scene, and the West Coast made its mark with gangsta rap. But now the West, well, a certain area, is known for another style and sound all its own; HYPHY.

I know a little about the Hyphy movement because I was fortunate enough to work with CA’s own, DJ Vlad on his first documentary release, Ghostride the Whip, which tells the story of the Bay Area’s scene.

I’ve included the following mini-dictionary to at least get you up to speed with some basic words and phrases*.

Get Stupid/Go Dumb - To get hyphy – to be wild or free-spirited, or lose all your inhibitions
Hyphy - Hyper, wild, or crazy
Bay Area – the San Francisco Bay Area including cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, along with a few other, smaller cities
Ghostriding the Whip - To get out of your car and dance along the driver’s side while the car moves along without you inside
Gouda – money
Ride the Yellow Bus - To take “going dumb” to the third level (i.e. to be very, very wild or free-spirited)
Stunna Shades - Very large sunglasses
Thizz or Thizzin’ - To be on ecstasy
Yaddidamean – Do you know what I mean?

This is the trailer to Ghostride the Whip. Enjoy and get out to the nearest movie store and pick this up.


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