Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer Madness

What’s good, fellow connoisseurs?

I’m here to update y’all on some happenings.

* side note: see the new Batman movie *

I want to give you all a summer relationship tip. I’m in a long-distance relationship (2 months passed, one more to go). One thing y’all need to be hip to is Skype. Make calls from your computer to any computer in the world free and you can use it to call from computer to phone for incredibly cheep, too.

Throw in a webcam, a few sexy outfits, and an empty room and you and your significant other can keep the fire going. Trust me.

If we were closer and this was a different type of blog I’d show you. Haha. Jodan desu! [Japanese for ‘It’s a joke’…my girl’s Japanese].

Also, being an emcee that had a show a week ago in Kent, Ohio, I can’t tell you how great it is to support your local artists. Summer is a great time to go out and check some local artists doing their thing. You might see the next [insert current performer] and get a chance to see some up-n-coming clothing and artists.

Support the independent artists!

Keep it fresh,


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