Thursday, June 19, 2008

Damn, Erykah droppin' science!

Erykah Badu speaks on how to "make it" in the music business

This is some real ass shit right here though; even through all the sarcasm that she is speaking through this montage you can tell that she is serious about how female R&B singers have become more like whores than singers. In the recent ten years, R&B, hip-hop, rock, pop, etc have all had this "commerce over art" makeover where you now get models that cannot sing singing and dancing on your television screens instead of truly talented artists. It has become truly disheartening nowadays when you finally do find an album that has songs greater on it than the singles you've been brainwashed into loving from the radio and TV, you feel like you've had a breathe of fresh air from a truly talented LP.

I'm sick of going to buy an 18 track long album for $15 dollars and finding out that only 3 of the tracks (usually the singles) are the only good songs on the album. The music industry is not about talent anymore; it's about commerce. It's about having models that cannot hold a note singing off key with the Roger & Zapp robotic voice over 80's enthused house beats and making up a stupid dance to get kids to download your ring tone rather than buy your album. Everything has it's time, and the music industry is due for a huge makeover when these house niggas on TV are tap dancing in iced-out nooses and shackles to ignorant songs. Everything is due its time; real music will takeover the fake hella soon.
-Kevin Robinson, Jr.

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