Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lil Wayne Review & New Artist: Scanz

What’s good, Connoisseurs?

Let me get myself in the mood.

[I’m poppin’ in the Carter 3 now as background music, Give me a second, please]

Okay, basically today is a brief post and an introduction to new artist y’all should be hip to.

I went out and got Wayne’s newest and, let me tell you now, it’s worth it… especially when at sale for $9.98 at Target [I should be getting commission for that. I’ll make a call to Mr. Target after I wake up]. Musically it’s pretty fresh and you know how Wayne’s from another planet already [shout out to E.T. and track 7, “phone home”]. With features from the other Mr. Carter [you know the one…and no, it’s not Jimmy], T-Pain, Robin Thicke, Bobby Valentino, Busta Rhymes, and the illustrious Babyface, to name a few. The 300+ tracks recorded for this were narrowed down to some winners.

New Artist segment! I present to y’all "A Dimepiece", the second video from Scanz off of his Rawkus debut "Prelude to a Legacy". Scanz was chosen as one of the “Rawkus 50,” a collective of artists that Rawkus has signed and dubbed the future of hip hop (right on, Scanz).

Later this summer Scanz and Four Hour Future Inc. will be releasing the free mixtape, Basement Chronicle featuring Krs-One, Channel Live, Sha-Stimuli, Reef the Lost Cause and more.

Get out and enjoy the day.

I’ll be out there in a minute.


Your girlfriend’s favorite rapper,


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