Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Fast Track amphibious vehicle has been tearing up the land and water in its proof-of-concept form for a few years now, but it looks like the team behind it has finally worked all the kinks out, with Gizmag reporting that the vehicle is now headed towards production, albeit on an extremely small scale. In its current state, the vehicle can hit 39 mph on water and decent 55 mph on land, with the propulsion in each case handled by the vehicle's snowmobile-like tracks. The first vehicles custom made for customers, however, will up the potential danger level considerably, with a 300 horsepower engine delivering speeds of 60 mph on water and 80 mph on land, not to mention "aggressive" new styling that's sure to make it seem even faster. While it's apparently yet to take its first order, the upstart company is certainly not lacking in grand ambitions, with a range of additional amphibious vehicles already on the drawing board, including a 7000 pound hurricane rescue vehicle that will seat ten and a smaller personal-sized craft that'll be half the weight of the original Fast Track. If that's not enough, the team's also going to have a go at the world water speed record for amphibious vehicles later this year, hoping that a 350 horsepower Corvette engine will give 'em the necessary edge. Until then, you can check out the vehicle's current capabilities in the video after the break.

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