Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Shit Right Here is Sick!

The new iPhone has 3G technology and could you ever believe that the 8GB version of it is ONLY $199?! That is crazy! I never have been one of those type of people to stand in line to get some Jordans at 3AM in the morning waiting for Foot Locker to open, but I might be one of the sheep waiting in line to buy this 8GB iPhone in July at the Apple store. This iPhone is supposedly 30 percent faster in productivity while using the internet on it. Look at Steve in the picture selling his heart out to get people to go buy this iPhone. I can't even deny it though, man, I will be one of those that is swooned to go and pick up the latest iPhone. Just for the simple fact that I will be able to check my e-mail and conduct business on the device so simply. My cell phone now I will keep strictly for phone calls, but I will use the iPhone for all my my online business that I do. I think that it should be a good investment for anyone that needs to use the internet a lot for business, but does not want to be in front of a computer 24 hours of the day. Yeah...I definitely can see myself having one of these!!!
-Kevin Robinson, Jr.

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