Tuesday, June 10, 2008

N*E*R*D* "Seeing Sounds"

I had no idea that N.E.R.D. was dropping an album today until a friend of mine had told me about it yesterday. I woke this morning and placed “Seeing Sounds” on; I was completely blown away by the beautiful blending of vocals of Pharrell Williams and Shay Haley and Chad Hugo’s production. There’s no other group out that is hardly as eclectic as these two Virginia natives, and “Seeing Sounds” is definite proof of this statement being so true. The song, “Everybody Nose” instantly bangs through my stereo and is extremely reminiscent of production of hip-hop when it was in its Golden Age (1988-1996). This song is definitely something that you should add to your “Get the Party Started” play list on your iPod because it will for sure get your ass up and ready to hit the club.

“Seeing Sounds” is only 12 songs, and will have you wishing that it was 24 tracks longer by how complete and great it is. This album has something for everyone’s musical pallet; “Anti-Matter” and “Everybody Nose” for the hardcore hip-hop heads, “Yeah You” and “You Know What” for the soulful cats, and “Spaz” for the rock fans. The eclectic level of “Seeing Sounds” is damn strong enough to have music fans of all different genres to be able to find songs that will fit their personal preference. “You Know What” being one of those truly feel-good songs has the power to have to nodding your head for the 4 and a half minute vacation to a musical utopia of peace that it takes you to. With the smooth guitar and synth production and dramatic bass line in complete unison placed together with Pharrell’s contagious vocals and lyrical content, “You Know What” compliments “Seeing Sounds” completely. Another song that you can add to that “Get the Party Started” play list for your “getting ready for the club” mood is “Laugh About It.” Pharrell’s vocals over the party-driven beats of Chad Hugo on this song makes you feel at ease with whatever is stressing you in your life; it has that element to bring the most stressed day into an ideal one. By far every song on “Seeing Sounds” is great, but there’s something so incredible about “Sooner or Later.” The breakdown at the end of “Sooner or Later” is so dynamic that you feel invigorated by how talented all three of N.E.R.D.’s members are; a near seven-minute musical wonder it is for sure! Who would have thought a song about an annoying person sending you text messages and calling you all day could sound so smooth? Only N.E.R.D. on the song “Yeah You!”

Unlike most albums nowadays where you’ll buy an album with 15 songs and only 3 will be good, “Seeing Sounds” by N.E.R.D. will not be disappointing at all! Go cop that! NOW! “Seeing Sounds” blows most currently-released albums out of the water with its complete and utter sheer explosiveness of talent. This damn album will be in heavy rotation for a long time.
-Kevin Robinson, Jr.

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