Wednesday, June 18, 2008

unCovered 3rd Management

The public relations business is going extremely well for me right now; I am doing quite well for someone that has only been in business for only 6 months. When you do get a chance, go and check out my latest project, We are gearing to make it an online experience that would carry the parallels of a magazine on your computer screen. I am being published on, Connoisseur533,com, SF Weekly, etc quite frequently.

Any of your business matters when it comes to needing some public relations or marketing work done, I can do.
-Press Releases
-Media Work

Any artists, businesses, venues, etc that may need some writing, PR, or marketing done, unCovered 3rd Management can take carry of it.

Kevin Robinson, Jr.
Director of Operations/Owner
Uncovered 3rd Marketing
Marketing/Public Relations
Freelance Writer

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