Friday, June 13, 2008

A Thousand Dollars A Gallon & No Ketchup...

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Why must they rape my state of California more than any other state? The average gas price in my county is $4.55 right now while I look at the average gas cost in Houston, Texas is only $3.88. I know, I know...the cost of living here in California is higher than every other place in the U.S., but even still man, this is complete bullshit! I cannot see myself paying over $100 to full up my car every 6 days. It's crazy how out of hand shit is getting; I cannot believe that companies such as Exxon are guaging all of us at the gas pump. Making record capital the first quarter of this year of nearly $10 billion dollars a year is ridiculous. Pretty soon when the riots begin because the cost of living has gotten utterly ridiculous, the government cannot complain why. People are losing their jobs at an alarming rate; gas and grocery prices are both at a record-high rate. A salmonella outbreak in the tomatoes; damn! Just when you wanted to make a salad at the end of your long day from paying a 200 dollars to drive to and fro work, you have to worry about being poisoned from your favorite vegetable. We cannot win either way huh?

This is California prices! No seriously!
-Kevin Robinson,Jr.

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