Friday, June 20, 2008

Where I'm From...(DC/Maryland)

I'm from PG County, where all the black people in Maryland who aren't from Baltimore live*. Wale's Mixtape About Nothing, was pretty nice especially the Seinfeld tracks I thought those were the highlights of the mixtape. When dropped it reminded me of something I've been meaning to do but only getting around to now. I figure I'd shine some spotlight on some area artists for the 4 people that read this.

pg county/MD

Kev Brown

Kev Brown's a pretty accomplished producer/emcee known for his signature boom bap sound. The Largo, MD native has been around for a minute, working with DJ Jazzy Jeff and coming to prominence after The Brown Album(the 1st to remix Jay-Z's Black Album). A friend of mine actually tried to put me onto him back in 06 I think, but I slept on him at the time. It wasnt until I heard I Do What I Do a few months later that I became a fan and started checkin for Kev. I related a lot to his struggles of being broke, single, love and life in general.

This is probably my favorite joint. Kev Brown - Alone Again

Versatility Joint

Hip Hop


Along with Kev Brown, Oddisee is one of my favorite members of the Low Budget crew. Oddisee is an insightful rapper who does his thing when it comes to observations about the area and everything else going on around him. In my eyes he really captures the essence of the area in a way others havent. A beast behind the boards and the mic, his debut album A Foot In the Door really showcased his skills. Tracks like "Gentrification", which sheds light on the problem affecting DC. And "Propa" which is like a lyrical tour through PG, DC, MoCo.

0ddisee 101

Oddisee 101

Oh and check his blog gives you a nice look at what goes into doin what he does.



I stumbled across OOGenesis after some hardcore music scavenging. An artist(i love his drawings) and a beatmaker from somewhere in Maryland, OO is on the experimental tip like Flying Lotus. OOGenesis is a part of the new wave of music I've started listening to and I'm looking forward to seeing what else he can do.




Muhsinah is the future. Or rather she's now. Not only is she a talented vocalist but she's dope on the keys and MPC as well. I had heard of her for awhile, but it wasn't until I saw her live, opening for J*Davey that I felt the need to check out her music and compelled to cop her album. I cant begin to describe how talented she is so I'll let "Construction" do it for me.

Check her website, lots of music treats.



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